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"...I recently Graduated from the DIY Credit Repair program, and I am so happy with the results that I received from the service ... I wanted to be able to purchase a home and ya Girl has now been approved to purchase a home and I'm just so excited and I'm so happy and I just can't thank you guys enough ... I believe I started in the 500's and ya Girl is now in the 700's Club so thank you, thank you, thank you ... I would highly recommend ... contact DIY Credit..."

Kyana Johnson

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"... When I started with Yusheeka, my credit was at a 400 ... We were kind of forced, a few months ago, into buying a new home. At that time, my credit...wasn't exactly where it should be. Yusheeka, within 2 or 3 months, got both of our credit scores purchase a new home. Yusheeka has been great ... She has made a world of a difference in our lives ... I recommend anybody to Yusheeka and DIY Credit. Her and the staff are wonderful!"

Lashon Inman

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Jarrett keeps it sweet, simple, and straight to the point! He complimented us after working to get his scores back into the 700's, within a very short period of time, so that he could pursue some business ventures. He sent us this video, letting us know that he appreciated our service, and saying "Great Work"!


"I Would Recommend Anyone Who's

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"DIY Credit is there for you every step of the way ... You have a seasoned professional to answer questions for you ... and I would recommend anyone who is ready to start a beautiful future as far as their credit is check out DIY Credit."

Sherry R.

How It Works

See If We're A Good Fit - Answer a few super basic questions to determine if our Custom Credit Analysis Report and Transformation Game Plan is right for you or not.

Order Your Credit Analysis Report - If found to be a good fit, and you're ready to move forward, then the first step will be to complete & submit your short Credit Analysis application and $39 application fee. Follow the steps/instructions provided and attend a free webinar meeting for the Analysis & Plan of Action Breakdown.

Start Getting Results - Decide if you want to execute the plan of action on your own or if you'd prefer for our team of Credit Experts and Consumer Law Attorneys to do it WITH you. Our 9-Step Smart Credit Algorithm uses aggressive tactics and strategies to challenge inaccurate & unverifiable items on your credit report as well as to empower & educate you along the way. Every 35-45 days, we are updating your encrypted client portal with new results.

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"I was skeptic at first about this services but Sean was very nice, patient and informative. I decided to give it a try and turns out great! They were so helpful on helping me understand my credit report and teaching me how to maintain good credit. My score has increased over 100 points in the last 90 days. Thank you!"

Lisa M.

"Nobody better than this! they are up the best company that repairs credit in the Los Angeles area. Thank you! Peace and love. my credit is 710 now after 3 months working with them! Started at 555. Sean and the Ceo Credit staff is very Organized and Professional. Would surely recommend them to anyone looking to repair their credit. I saw results within 45 Days".

John S.

"I am so happy that my credit improved to the 700's now. Sean and the Ceo.Credit team were able to delete my collections and the lousy record went away. I recommend this company. They are very knowledgeable. Very responsive, and patient with the many questions I had and all the dozen of phone calls I made. I'm totally satisfied with their service."

Tony G.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Credit Analysis help me?

A custom credit analysis report will expose all the negative data that's currently weighing your credit scores down, and it'll also summarize the different things that you can do to fix/repair this negative data in order to regain your score points back.

Furthermore, the credit analysis report will educate you on credit in a way that you've likely never been taught before.

This detailed analysis report will serve as your custom BluePrint and RoadMap to restoring your own good credit and good name. You can attend a complimentary webinar meeting (workshop) to learn EXACTLY how to do that. Our professional team of Credit Experts and Consumer Law Attorneys, however, are also available to help execute your custom Game Plan should you prefer and choose to hire a little help.

What's included in/with a Credit Analysis?

  • The first two parts of the Credit Analysis is Pure Education. You'll definitely have a few "Aha" moments from learning things that you never knew before.

  • Your custom credit analysis report includes an itemized list of negative data for you to attack - with EACH CREDIT BUREAU.

  • It'll also include a "Plan of Action" section, also known as your Transformation Game Plan, to summarize what you can do to fix your credit yourself.

  • The report comes in PDF format, sent via email. That way, you have something tangible to keep and reference as you execute your transformation game plan.

  • BUT HERE'S WHERE THE REAL MAGIC HAPPENS ... On top of all of that, it offers an "OPTIONAL" 1-2 hour "complimentary" webinar meeting (Workshop) where we dive even deeper into this report for you by breaking down your analysis report, your plan of action, some Advanced Tactics to dispute on your own, and your options moving forward as well. Although this complimentary webinar meeting (workshop) is available 100% free with the purchase of your custom credit analysis report, it is still "optional", and not required in order to receive your custom Credit Analysis Report.

How much will it cost?

An analysis report is only $39. PLUS, you will need to order your tri-merged credit report which will cost you only $1 more.

So you're looking at a total of $40 to receive your very own custom credit analysis report and transformation game plan today. Not bad, right!

Can I do this for both myself and my spouse/partner?

Yes, absolutely! It's actually encouraged! You can order a Credit Analysis Report for both you and a spouse/partner. However, you must complete two separate order forms, two separate Analysis Consultations, and order $1 tri-merged credit reports for each of you.

Please Note: Since the price is already so low, we do not offer joint discounts on Credit Analysis Reports.

What does it mean to "See if We're A Good Fit" first?

Since we take our work here very seriously, it's important to make sure that you're also as serious about your credit goals as we are before getting started. Checking to see if you're a good fit for a Custom Credit Analysis Report simply means answering a few basic questions to see if:

1) You have a need for our Credit Analysis Report & Transformation Game Plan; and

2) You and the DIY Credit team would be a good fit for one another.

It is not our intent to waste your time or ours, and thus the reason we like to ask a few basic questions upfront to make the most, and the best, of both your time and ours.

What kind of Results can you guarantee?

We do not provide any false promises or guarantees. We cannot ensure that you will take the guidance provided to you and put it to good use for your benefit.

However, if you decide to hire our professional team of Credit Experts and Consumer Law Attorneys, then we do offer a "Double Your Money Back Performance Guarantee". That's how confident we are in the quality of our service and team here at DIY Credit.

Can I Request a Refund if I want to?

All sales are final on Credit Analysis Report purchases and online training courses. No refunds, No Exceptions.

However, we do offer a 6-Round "Double-Your-Money-Back Performance Guarantee" on our professional "Done With You" Credit Rehab service.

What's the next step?

The next step is for you to click the 'Let's Get Started' button below.

Check to see if we're a good fit for one another. And if we are, then you SHOULD proceed with ordering your Credit Analysis Report & Transformation Game Plan.

If, however, you still have questions, then you should shoot us a quick text at (803) 784-8100 or email at Our team is standing by and waiting to assist you.

What if I still have questions? How/Where can I get them answered?

If you still have questions then you should shoot us a quick text at (803) 784-8100 during normal text support hours (M-F, 9am-6pm EST). Our team is standing by and waiting to assist you.

You can also check out our online knowledge-base for answers to additional common questions regarding our service and/or credit, in general, by clicking here. Or send us an email inquiry at if that's more convenient for you.


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