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Remove Unverifiable Negative Data Such As:
















  • Access to our Dispute Resolution Training Course with over 70+ educational and step-by-step training videos ($800 Value)

  • 100+ Effective, time-tested, and proven Pre-written dispute letter templates for just about every credit situation that you can think of ($Priceless)

  • Access to our Consumer Law Partner who we have vetted and work very closely with for all valued Members - we will personally introduce you to the team ($Priceless)

  • Access to a 3-Bureau Credit Report Audit via telephone from the legal team ($Priceless)

  • Access to Advanced Legal Assistance as needed with a special Legal Protection Plan administered by our legal Partner and includes legal representation for creditor lawsuits, and much more ($Priceless)

  • Email, Text, and Chat Support for quick answers to your credit questions from a qualified Credit Advocate ($Priceless)

  • Self-Service Knowledgebase available 24/7 at your convenience with answers to just about any credit-related question you can think of

  • Access to Premium Credit Monitoring for only $2 to start and includes a detailed Tri-Merged Credit Report with incredible insights, PLUS Black Web Protection, $1M Identity Theft Insurance, Score Boost, and much more

  • No More Expensive "Per Deletion" or "Service" Fees from a Credit Repair Company when you decide to fix your own credit with the guidance of a Credit Advocate ($Priceless)

  • Much Lower Fees, Much Better Results - As an educational advocacy group and membership program, we're able to charge much less than your average credit repair company and help our members yield nearly 3 times the results that they do.


  • Receive your very own Certificate of Completion when you finish our training course. Use your new found knowledge to help others in your circle.

  • Regular Monthly Chances to Win a 3/4 Night Resort Vacation Giveaway (up to $900 value)

  • Ongoing Support for 3 Major Charities ($Priceless) A portion of all proceeds are donated to support children suffering from cancer at St. Jude Children's Hospital; as well as children 1 to 2 grade levels behind in low-income schools with the help of City Year; AND children who are being trafficked all across the world with the help of O.N.E.

  • TRY BEFORE YOU SUBSCRIBE - Give our Credit Mastery Membership a 30-Day test run for only $39 and if you're unhappy for any reason whatsoever, simply cancel your membership and request a full refund - no questions asked.

  • No Long-Term Commitments - Cancel Anytime - This is a monthly subscription membership which means you are not locked-in for the long haul.

  • ELIMINATE the need for a Credit Repair Company and Save Thousands of your hard-earned Dollars. No per item deletion fees running up the check on you.


We are NOT here to seduce or persuade you.

We are only here to state the FACTS so that you can make an educated and informed decision for yourself.

So here they are (the facts). Now the rest is up to you.

We Are Not...

  • A Credit Repair Company

  • Salesmen selling Pipe Dreams

  • Internet Actors or Scammers

  • Inexperienced Cousins & Aunties

We Are Simply...

  • Advocates for Consumer Credit Rights

  • Pro's with 16+ Years Experience

  • The Industry's BEST kept Secret

You Need This...

  • To Empower Yourself

  • To Improve Your Financial Life

  • To Eliminate the Anxiety

  • So You Can Reach Your Goals


"I was skeptic at first about this services but Sean was very nice, patient and informative. I decided to give it a try and turns out great! They were so helpful on helping me understand my credit report and teaching me how to maintain good credit. My score has increased over 100 points in the last 90 days. Thank you!"

Lisa M.

"Nobody better than this! they are up the best company that repairs credit in the Los Angeles area. Thank you! Peace and love. my credit is 710 now after 3 months working with them! Started at 555. Sean and the Ceo Credit staff is very Organized and Professional. Would surely recommend them to anyone looking to repair their credit. I saw results within 45 Days".

John S.

"I am so happy that my credit improved to the 700's now. Sean and the Ceo.Credit team were able to delete my collections and the lousy record went away. I recommend this company. They are very knowledgeable. Very responsive, and patient with the many questions I had and all the dozen of phone calls I made. I'm totally satisfied with their service."

Tony G.

Featured In


  • A Detailed PDF Credit Analysis Report that breaks down ALLLL the data that is currently weighing your credit scores down.

  • A Custom Video Credit Analysis Review to further help breakdown and internalize exactly what's going on with your credit

  • A Transformation GamePlan that comes built into your PDF & Video Analysis reports, and breaks down EXACTLY what needs to be done to fix YOUR unique credit situation as quickly as possible. Consider this your Victory Blueprint to success.

  • Up to 12 "CUSTOM" Credit Bureau AND Creditor Dispute Letter Templates written just FOR you by our Professional Dispute Resolution Writers, based on YOUR UNIQUE credit circumstances

  • Monthly Professional Credit Report Audits & Updates - our Professional Advocacy Team will re-audit all 3 of your credit reports every 35 days to check for new updates, new errors, and any alleged verified errors, and share it with you ($800 Value)

  • Access to a Secure, 24/7 Portal to view, edit, and print all letter templates prepared for you; keep track of the items you're disputing; and keep track of your progress and credit scores as well ($Priceless)

  • Access to LIVE Weekly Video Calls to discuss your case progress, receive live guidance, and ask any credit-related questions that you might have

  • Business Credit & Funding Wizard for entrepreneur and small business owners wanting to start or grow their business with the help of business credit & funding ($Priceless)

  • Optional Access to Private 1-on-1 Advocacy Support to discuss any private case concerns that you might not want to speak openly about on the live weekly video calls

  • Optional Print Service Available for members who either don't have access to a printer or who just doesn't have the time to print their own dispute letters out

  • Coming Soon - Our Exclusive Private Community Platform - for our Members to come together, share their wins, losses, questions/concerns, personal experiences, and most importantly, their words of wisdom & encouragement.




This is for you if…

  • You feel like your financial dreams are out of reach because your credit won't play ball

  • If you've got your sights set on that dream home, that sleek car upgrade, or that killer business start-up/growth idea and the only thing standing between you and it is your credit reports

  • If you really want to tackle this credit monster but the thought of dealing with credit bureaus, disputing errors, and/or navigating the rocky road of credit repair just feels downright daunting

  • Or worse - If you're considering bankruptcy, debt settlement, or collection agency payment plans (major credit killers)

  • This is for you if you're tired of feeling judged by your peers, close family members, and/or on credit applications

  • And this is for you if you're tired of feeling paralyzed by your credit, in general, and not knowing where to start

  • If you're ready to start over and you're willing to put in the time, effort, and patience to FIGHT for your financial freedom ... THEN THIS IS FOR YOU!

This is NOT for you if…

  • You already have excellent personal credit scores above 750

  • You can’t follow a few simple instructions

  • You believe you know more about personal and business credit than the experts

  • You are not financially stable

  • You have unrealistic “overnight” expectations

  • You’re not willing to do what our advocates advise

  • You’re not willing to follow our “Member Success Checklist”

Our Exclusive Credit Mastery Membership
Helps Consumers Just Like You to:

  • Buy or Refinance Your Home

  • Move into a Better Apartment

  • Purchase a New, Dependable Vehicle

  • Qualify for A Better Job

  • Start or Grow Your Business

  • Get Approved for Business Credit & Funding

  • Get Approved for Personal Credit Cards & Loans (at much lower rates)

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety in Your Relationship and Overall Life

  • Sleep Better at Night

  • Save Several Thousand Dollars Per Year

  • Lower Insurance Payments

  • Lower Car Payments

  • Obtain the BEST Interest Rates Possible

  • Gain Financial Independence in General

Frequently Asked Questions

What does My Membership cover?

With a DIY Credit Mastery Membership to help you through your Credit Rehab journey, you no longer have to feel intimidated by the Credit Rehab process.

Our training course, letter templates, and qualified Credit Advocates will show you exactly where to start and how to finish strong - round by round. And with the LIVE assistance provided by our team, you're NEVER ALONE in this process.

We have multiple membership levels to cover everything you need in order to be successful, based on your specific journey. To view our Membership Levels and Benefits, please click the "Check Eligibility" button first, answer a few questions to see if we're a good fit, and then you'll be taken to the Membership options, benefits, and pricing from there.

How Are You Different from a Credit Repair Agency?

Unlike credit repair agencies, we offer a membership program that "teaches" you how to fix your own credit ... but also with the personalized hands-on assistance from experienced Credit Advocates and Dispute Resolution Writers to cut 99.9% of your learning curve out.

As such, our members receive complete transparency in their journeys, expert guidance that they can genuinely count on, and amazing results at a fraction of the cost (just to name a few).

Our primary goal is to teach, guide, and advocate for you. We're able to do that through our membership program, holding nothing back. And as such, we're able to charge much less, and provide much more!

Will I have to do all the work myself?

No. Our memberships include pre-written dispute letter templates, "Custom-Written" dispute letter templates based on your unique circumstances and responses you receive from bureaus and data furnishers. We even offer a Print Service if needed.

This way, you never have to think about what to say, how to say it, when to say it, or who to say it to. You don't have to worry about how to respond to various intimidating correspondences from the credit bureaus, collection agencies, and original creditors. And you don't even have to print anything or stuff any envelopes if you don't really want to (but you can).

The only thing that YOU really have to do is "ship" your own letters off (that we can print and stuff for you) to the post office or drop them in your local mailbox, and that's it.

Also, for more personalized assistance and custom follow-up letter templates, you will need to share any responses that you might receive in the mail so that our advocates can help you with them.

We do recommend that you attend at least 1 LIVE Weekly video call per month to discuss any updates that you might have and/or ask questions to keep yourself on the right track. But that is all. Not too much to do here. 😊

I don't have time for "DIY". Can you do it for me?

We can provide "Custom-Written" dispute letter templates based on your unique circumstances and responses you receive from bureaus and data furnishers. We can even Print them out for you.

However, you would still need to ship them off from your local post office, which is extremely important and greatly impacts the results you receive.

Is this just another basic training course to teach me Credit Repair?

The Credit Mastery Membership is so much more than a training course. Although it's extremely extensive and detailed, we also offer LIVE and personalized, custom assistance to our members as desired. We're on standby, as needed, to help cut the learning curve. You won't get that from any personal credit training course - basic or advanced - that I've ever seen.

How can a Credit Analysis help me?

A custom credit analysis report will expose all the negative data that's currently weighing your credit scores down, and it'll also summarize the different things that you can do to fix/repair this negative data in order to regain your score points back.

Furthermore, the credit analysis report will educate you on credit in a way that you've likely never been taught before.

This detailed analysis report will serve as your custom BluePrint and RoadMap to restoring your own good credit and name.

Our professional team of Credit Experts and Consumer Law Attorneys, however, are also available to help execute your custom Game Plan should you decide to become a member and take advantage of the benefits afforded to you.

What's included in/with a Credit Analysis?

  • The first two parts of the Credit Analysis are Pure Education. You'll definitely have a few "Aha" moments from learning things that you never knew before.

  • Your custom credit analysis report includes an itemized list of negative data for you to attack - with EACH CREDIT BUREAU and/or Collection Agency & Creditor.

  • It'll also include a "Plan of Action" section, also known as your Transformation Game Plan, to summarize what you can do to fix your credit yourself.

  • The report comes in both PDF AND Video format, sent via email. The video is very personal, and recorded to serve as a verbal breakdown and interpretation of the PDF report. That way, you have something tangible to keep and reference as you execute your transformation game plan.

How much does the Membership cost?

Our Membership Levels start at $49 per month but other options are also available.

Your First Payment is only $39 for a 30-Day Trial to give the membership a test run.

Click the Eligibility button below to Check Your Eligibility and view our membership levels, benefits, and pricing.

Can I do this for both myself and my spouse/partner?

Yes, absolutely! It's actually encouraged! You will, however, need to complete a separate membership application (using separate email addresses and contact info) for each of you.

Please Note: Since the price is already so low, and the value is so enormous, we do not offer joint discounts on Credit Mastery Memberships. The price is the same for Everyone.

What does it mean to "See if We're a Good Fit" first?

Since we take our work here very seriously, it's important to make sure that you're as serious about your credit goals as we are before getting started. Checking to see if you're a good fit for a Credit Mastery Membership simply means answering a few basic questions to see if:

1) You have a need for our Membership; and

2) You are seriously ready to embark on your credit rehab journey with an expert behind you to not only guide you on this journey, but also to hold you accountable every step of the way.

It is not our intent to waste your time or ours, and thus the reason we like to ask a few basic questions upfront to make the most, and the best, of both your time and ours.

What kind of Results can you guarantee?

We do not provide any false promises or guarantees. We cannot ensure that you will take the guidance provided to you and put it to good use for your benefit.

However, if you decide to join our Credit Mastery Membership program, then we will offer a "30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee"; as well as a "90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee".

That's how confident we are in the quality of our Membership and the Experienced Professional Team here at DIY Credit.

Can I Request a Refund if I want to?

Yes, you may request a refund at any time during your initial 30-Day Trial period. All sales are final on Credit Analysis Report purchases and online training courses (when purchased separately). Your funds will be returned, hassle-free.

You may also request a refund within the first 90-Days of your membership (under our 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee), granted you meet all the requirements to do so.

After 90 days, there are No refunds, and No Exceptions.

What's the next step?

The next step is for you to click the 'Eligibility' button below.

Check to see if we're a good fit for one another. And if we are, then you SHOULD proceed with selecting your desired membership level, and joining our DIY Credit Mastery family so that you can start benefiting right away.

If, however, you still have questions, then you should shoot us a quick text at (803) 784-8100 or email at We're available Mon-Fri (10am-4pm EST). Our team is standing by and waiting to assist you. You can also book a call with one of our team members who would be more than happy to assist you.

What if I still have questions? How/Where can I get them answered?

If you still have questions then you should shoot us a quick text at (803) 784-8100 during normal text support hours (M-F, 9am-6pm EST). Or you can call us at that same number (M-F, 10am-4pm EST). Our team is standing by and waiting to assist you.

You can also click here to book a call and ask questions or check out our online knowledgebase for answers to additional common questions regarding our membership program and/or credit, in general, by clicking here.

Feel free to send us an email inquiry as well, at, if that's more convenient for you.

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